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Vice Principals

Mdm Haslindah Bahrom
Vice Principal
In my amazing journey as an educator, I have had the pleasure of teaching a variety of subjects across different levels in a primary school and the honour of heading the English Language department where I could combine my love for the subject and my passion for building confident communicators, fluent with both the written and spoken word, and able to put a point across with conviction. Park View is my second school as a school leader.

It’s such a joy and privilege to be with primary school children because the innocence and insatiable curiosity that every child brings reminds us of the importance of what we do, and how we need to set the fundamentals right to set them on their education journey. This is what I hope to do at Park View, to help every young mind grow and discover the joy of learning while building resilience and forming strong relationships that will help them thrive in their future.

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Mr Edward Leong Chee Wah
Vice Principal (Admin)
I was with the Republic of Singapore Navy before joining the Ministry of Education. In the Navy, I served as a Commanding Officer of a warship, and as a Branch Head in Base Command and subsequently in Training Command. I joined Park View Primary as a Vice Principal (Admin) in the year 2015.

I believe that children should have the passion for learning new things regardless of age. I want to help school children develop the courage and interest to explore and develop new knowledge and skills, and encourage each child to see learning as a joyful and exciting journey. I believe that schools are important places to provide every child with ample and appropriate opportunities to pick up life skills and good habits to lead an enriching life, even after he/she has graduated from the school. I also believe that we should help children develop the sense of gratitude to give back to the community in whatever capacity they can as responsible and responsive citizens.