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Mobile Phone Policy

With the advancement of technology, owning mobile phones are increasingly becoming commonplace. The school recognizes that parents need the ease and convenience of contacting their children after school hours. While the school allows pupils to bring mobile phones to school, it is not encouraged. Pupils who bring mobile phones to school are to adhere to the following guidelines as listed below:


  1. Proper usage in school

    a.  Mobile phones are to be switched off during lessons during school hours, supplementary/remedial classes after school and classes conducted during the holidays

    b.  Usage of mobile phones is only allowed in the canteen either during recess or after school.


  2. Confiscation and Collection

    a.  If a pupil is caught using mobile phones during curriculum time or outside the stipulated places and timing, his/her phone will be confiscated.

    b.  The form teacher or another staff member will contact you to make arrangements to collect the mobile phone if necessary.

  3. Loss of Mobile phones   

    a.  If pupils bring mobile phones to school, they should be responsible for their property and not flaunt it or invite envy and draw attention to it.

    b.  The school will not be held accountable for any losses. 

For pupils with no mobile phones, parents can call the General Office at Tel: 65851421 if they need to contact their children. Alternatively, your child can also make calls to you from the General Office, if necessary.