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In ELDDS, our weekly drama activities allow pupils to communicate with others and also provide theatre training such as movement, ensemble work and improvisation. Pupils will be able to speak in public, be more persuasive in their communications and have greater self-confidence. 


This process is a highly collaborative one; it also develops quick-witted spontaneous thinking, problem-solving, poise and presence, concentration, and both conceptual and analytical thinking skills.  Making a piece of theatre with pupils encourages compromise and commitment, which are all skills necessary for any work environment.


The Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama Programme was first introduced in 2013.  It is a collaboration with Acropolis Learning Centre in Singapore and is certified by The Trinity College in London.  The programme aims to build on the previous training undergone by our pupils in Speech and Drama and carry it to another level of skills development.  It strives to develop a love for literature and the spoken word so that pupils can have the passion and be exposed to new experiences. The internationally recognised examination would be advantageous to the holistic development of pupils.



Mrs Chowdhury (OIC)

Mr Neil

Mdm Ellia

Training days/Time/Venue

ELDDS (All members)


8.00am to 9.30am 


External Vendors

Act3 Drama Academy (ELDDS)







International Science Drama Competition 2016

Performance Title: Security and Sustainability: A Parallel World

2nd Place










International Science Drama Competition 2016

Performance Title: Security and Sustainability: A Parallel World

The play is about how two families live. One is a family of farmers who saves every last bit of food to the point of being stingy. Another is a rich family who wastes too much food. In the real world, they do not realise the effects of their behaviour. The play discusses what will happen if they live in a parallel world and realise what will happen if they continue with their ways.


Racial Harmony  

Students performed in plays in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day and Partners Appreciation Day




Partners Appreciation Day


Video of "Security and Sustainability: A Parallel World"



Video of "The Cat in the Hat"