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Alvin Loh Jian Hao ( Chairman)


Hi, I graduated from PVPS in 2002. I am one of the pioneer students who joined PVPS when it first started!

I’m currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration, and a degree in Economics, in National University of Singapore. PVPS taught me to be committed to excellence while having the courage to explore. These two values have allowed me to overcome all challenges in life and give my very best in everything I do. Life is short, live it well. Do your best and live your life with no regrets!

Lim Yue Min (Vice Chairman)


I graduated in 2012 and I am currently a student of Green View Secondary School.
Park View is like a second home to me. All the good memories were left there in my formative years and I wish to continue the good memories there.

Jared Ong (Vice Chairman)

I graduated in 2010 and I am currently pursuing a diploma in Computer Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic.
I have fond memories while studying in PVPS. It has a very nice environment. I want to play an active role in leading the other alumni members to contribute back to my alma mater. Serving in the Exco allows me to plan and help organise events for the school; being the bridge between the ex-pupils and the school.  

 Cheng Jia Ying (Leadership Development Executive)

I graduated from PVPS in 2004. I graduated from Singapore Management University, majoring in Information Systems Management. My biggest goal in life is to provide my parents with a comfortable life in time to come. In PVPS, I learnt the value of humility, and also how to have fun and study at the same time. I joined the alumni, to give back to the school that had given me a great time, and also help to provide the juniors a platform to give back as well. Moreover I would like to help the current students.

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." -John F. Kennedy

 Eddie Chan Wei Chong (Assistant Leadership Development Executive)

I graduated from PVPS in 2009. I have just completed by studies at ITE College East, majoring in Computer & Networking.

I have been an active member of the Alumni since its establishment in 2011. I hope to instil a sense of belonging and a love for our alma mater among the Parkviewians; to foster long lasting friendships regardless of the year we graduated from PVPS. 

 Jonathan Tan Jun Jie (Assistant Leadership Development Executive)


I graduated in 2010 and I am currently pursuing a diploma in Business Studies Grouping at Temasek Polytechnic School of Business.

I am motivated to come back to help out because the school leaders have been very supportive of the PVPS Alumni, giving me and also those in the team many opportunities to help out in the events and also interact with the juniors; thereby creating stronger bond among Park View students, Alumni members and the teachers. We are like one big family.

‘If You Can’t Do The Great Things, Then Do the Small Things In a Great Way”     -     Napoleon Hill


Stephanie Ang Jing Xin (Assistant Leadership Development Executive)


I graduated in 2011 and I was a student of Greendale Secondary School.

Park View has inculcated strong values in me and I have learnt to be a better person. I want to pay it forward by contributing to my alma mater, a school that has made a difference in my life.

Pauline Lee Seok Chin (Honorary Treasurer)


I graduated in 2002! I'm currently studying in SMU. My goal in life is to be a successful person. PVPS taught me to be honest. I want to give back to my alma mater that has taught me so much.

"Live with no excuses and love with no regrets".

 Choo Mun Ning (Assistant Treasurer)


I graduated from PVPS in 2012.  I am currently a student of Siglap Secondary School.

The supportive school leaders and caring teachers motivate me to come back to Park View to help.

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”

“No one said this would be easy; just know that nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.”

 Alvin Wong Ye Han (Secretary)


I graduated from PVPS in 2011 and completed my ‘O’ level at Tampines Secondary School.

I join the alumni because I want to play an active role in instilling good moral values in my juniors through role modelling and to help my alma mater which has given me a firm grounding in my education and character during my formative years.

“We begin to learn wisely when we're willing 
to see world from other people's perspective.” 

 Yeow Jingyi (Liaison Officer)


I graduated from PVPS in 2013 and I am currently a student of Pasir Ris Crest Secondary. I became alumni ever since I graduated and the fond memories I had in PVPS motivated me to return to my alma mater to continue to be part of the big family.

I want to serve my alma mater to make it a better place for my juniors to study in. As an EXCO member, I believe that I can help to improve the school and also lead the other alumni at the same time.

 “No matter what anyone says, passion never lies.”

Eugene Yap (Media Executive)


I graduated from PVPS in 2012 and I am currently a student of Green View Secondary. I believe that the best way I can help others is first to better myself in the skills required on the task at hand and then to share and teach others so that they too, can improve.

I wanted to find a way to give back to society and also try to pay it forward to those who have helped me. By joining Park View, it gives me a starting point to learn and a platform for me to serve.

 Johnson Seow (Advisor)


Hi, I graduated from PVPS in 2002 and I am one of the pioneer students who joined PVPS when it first started!

I’m currently pursuing my studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) majoring in Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineering.

Over the years I have developed a keen interest in the field of wastewater treatment and oil spill contamination.

PVPS has taught me the value of resilience. I am very grateful that I was taught this value as it helps me to overcome countless hardships that I have encountered in my life and it shapes me to become what I am today.

To show my appreciation towards the school, I decided to start up the Alumni which will serve as a bridge for my fellow friends and juniors to stay in touch with the school upon their graduation.


“Life is like a story book and you are the writer of your life”, I hope your experience at PVPS would be the one of the most wonderful and memorable chapter of your life!

Apple Chew (Advisor)


I graduated from PVPS in 2002. Currently I am a student pursuing a University of London BSC business degree in SIM.

PVPS was like a second home for me during my primary school days. It was where I made lifelong friends and also met several teachers who had always motivated us. By joining the alumni, it not only serves as an avenue to contribute what I learn and gained from the school; it also allows me to interact with the kids which I really love.