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Exam Policy

Absence Due to Medical Or Other Valid Reason

• Pupils who are absent due to medical reasons or other valid reasons for CA or SA must submit a medical certificate or letter of excuse to their Form Teacher upon their return.

• Medical certificate must be produced in order for the teacher to key in ‘VR’ in the report book.

• There will be no make-up examination.


Absence without Valid Reason

• Pupils who are absent without a valid reason for CA or SA:

>> will not be awarded any marks for the paper which they have missed. The teacher will key in ‘AB’ in the report book.


Examination Tools

• Pupils are expected to bring the required examination tools (e.g. calculator, 2B pencil, dictionary) for their examination. The school will not provide pupils with any examination tools during the examination.



• Pupils who are late will need to:

»» report to the general office;

»» sit for their examination in the general office. No extra time will be given;

»» sit for their examination within the duration of the paper.


Things to take note before the exam

• Prepare & bring all the necessary materials needed for the examination.

• Pupils are to be in school uniform.

• Be punctual for all examination papers.

• Pupils are to place all bags, water bottles & other belongings neatly outside the classroom.


Things to take note during the exam

• Instructions are to be read carefully.

• Pupils are to raise their hands if they have any questions to ask the invigilator.

• Answers are to be legibly written in blue/black ink pens.

• Use 2B pencil to shade the answers for the OAS.

• No eating or drinking in the examination room.

• All water bottles & bags must be placed outside the classroom.

• If there is a need to use the washroom urgently, pupils are to remain seated and raise their hand to inform the invigilator.

• No pupil is allowed to leave the classroom during the first and last 15 minutes of each paper.

• No communication (verbal & non-verbal) with other candidates is allowed during the examination.

• Answer all questions. It is the pupil’s responsibility to check that all questions have been answered in the exam papers.


Things to take note at the end of exam

• Pupils are to stop immediately when told to do so by the invigilator.

• Pupils are to remain seated until instructed by the invigilator.



• Pupils are not to cheat or assist in cheating.

• Bags, books, papers, notes, mobile phones, computerised wrist watches or other unauthorised personal belongings (such as MP3 player, digital camera, etc.) are not to be brought into the examination room.

• Any pupil found to be in possession of such unauthorised material is liable to the same penalty as those caught cheating during the examination.

• Any pupils who cheat, attempt to cheat or assist in cheating during the examination, may be expelled from the examination and will not be allowed to sit for subsequent papers. Examination results may be forfeited.

• Misbehavior or failure to follow the examination regulations during the examination may result in expulsion from the examination and the pupil will not be allowed to sit for subsequent papers. Examination results may be forfeited.


For P5 & 6 pupils only


• For Mother Tongue, HMT & NTIL paper 1 (Composition)

• Electronic handheld dictionary for CL & HCL Paper 1

• All dictionaries must bear the school stamp.

• Only monolingual dictionaries are allowed.

• Dictionaries must not have any annotations such as tagging pages with stickers, highlighted text and/or written text, on any of the pages.

• Electronic dictionaries must be silent and battery-operated. Earpieces are not permitted.


For P5 & 6 pupils only


• For Mathematics / Foundation Mathematics Paper 2

• Must be silent

• The working condition of the calculator is the responsibility of the pupil.

• A fault in the calculator cannot be used as a reason for seeking special consideration for the user.

• Pupils are not allowed to borrow any calculators from other candidates during the examination.

• No unauthorised materials, e.g. instructions leaflets, formulae printed on the lid or cover of a calculator or similar materials, may be in the possession of pupils during the examination.