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School Bag Policy

  1. Pupils of primary school going age are still at a growing age and it is important that they do not carry excessive loads that may cause them harm or injury. The following are our school’s guidelines to help you to PACK right every day.


P – Plan the night before what you need for the next school day and take only what you need! Do not bring unnecessary items such as big umbrellas or toys. Pack according to the lessons for the day.

– Avoid heavy items. Opt for lighter water bottles and pencil cases, where possible. Trolley bags are not recommended as they are cumbersome and are a hassle when using the stairs. Bags should be lightweight with cushions and adjustable straps.

– Carry your bag properly using both of the straps instead of just one. This distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders and will not cause unnecessary stress on your back.

– Keep proper posture.


  1. For the well-being of our pupils, every pupil is provided a complimentary use of lockers. These lockers are for you to store books and materials not related to the four main subjects. However, pupils who lose their keys are to report to the General Office and obtain a replacement for a fee of $2.50.


  1. Based on guidelines by the Health Promotion Board, you should not be carrying more than 10 – 15% of your body weight. Do use the template below to help you in maintaining an acceptable bag weight.

Weight of my bag

Acceptable Weight (10% of my weight)

Excess Weight

What I can do to shed the excess