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School Uniform


Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform.
Any modification to the uniform is not allowed 


PE Attire

 - Pupils are allowed to come to school in their PE attire on Mondays (Active Mondays) 
   and days that they have PE lessons.
 - PE T-shirts must be tucked in and buttoned up.
 - P3 - P6 girls are wear their skirt over their shorts when they come to school and
   after their PE Lessons.  
 - P1 and P2 girls need not wear their skirts to school on PE days or change back into
   their skirts after their PE lessons. 



Name Tags

 - Name tags are to be ironed or sewn on above the school crest for the school uniform
   and T-shirt.


 - Pupils are to wear all-white socks. The length of the socks must be at
   least 7cm above the shoes
-  Pupils are to wear black canvas/PVC shoes.