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CCA for ALL Framework

In Park View, we adopt the CCA for ALL framework as we believe that Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are an integral part of the holistic and well-rounded education that we seek to provide for all our students.

Our programme aims to build character, team spirit and responsibility and promote social integration to achieve the School Vision “Leaders of Character, championing Service and Excellence”.

Through the wide range of CCA, the school aims to create a learning environment with opportunities for students to discover their interests, develop talents and demonstrate the desirable social qualities.


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The CCA Policy Statement ‘CCA are an integral part of a holistic and well-rounded education that the school seeks to provide to students at Park View Primary School’ encapsulates the school’s philosophy ‘Every Child Matters’ and its strategic thrust ‘Nurturing Empowered Students’.

The Talent Development Programme offers progression from broad-based 'Foundation' stage through mass participation and talent identification to 'Developmental' stage where training and exposure are provided to 'Performance' for achievement.  

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