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CCA for ALL Framework

The school believes that participation in Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) is an excellent medium through which our pupils will be able to learn and demonstrate desirable social qualities. Based on the recommendation from the PERI Report that schools should place greater emphasize on Co-Curriculum Programmes so as to achieve a more balanced curriculum, our school reviewed the existing CCA framework and established a
new framework – CCA for All.

The CCA Policy Statement ‘CCAs are an integral part of a holistic and well-rounded education that the school seeks to provide to pupils at Park View Primary School’ encapsulates the school’s philosophy of ‘every child matters’ and its strategic thrust of ‘holistic education for all pupils. Through the wide range of CCAs, the school aims to create a learning environment that nurture our pupils into resilient, innovative and enterprising learners and during this process, build camaraderie and friendship.

The Talent Developmet offers progression from broad-based 'Foundation' stage through mass participation and talent identifiction to 'Developmental' stage where training and exposure are provided to 'Peak Performance' for achievement.