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Gardening Club

Gardening Club


Park View Primary School Gardening Club is a new CCA that has been established since 2013. It is currently run by Ms June Quek and Mdm Syedama. Our pupils are given the opportunity to tend to the plants in the different gardening plots around the school like the spice garden, cactus garden, flowering garden and ferm garden and learn about their adaption. They are involved in basic gardening activities like weeding, watering, pruning to ensure that the plants grow healthily. Pupils are also exposed to other gardening techniques like growing hydroponic plants and making of terrarium. The Gardening Club aims to promote a deeper appreciation of greenery amongst the pupils and foster a greater social interaction and bonding within the pupils in the CCA. It also aims to promote awareness of the diversity of plants and to educate pupils on ways to care for the different types of plants.    



Mdm Zahrah (OIC)

Ms June Quek

Training days/Time/Venue


7.30am to 9.00am 
B1-02 & Garden Plots





Community In Bloom Award (Silver)


NParks has been spearheading the Community In Bloom (CIB) programme to create gardening communities within housing estates, educational institutions and organisations in Singapore by partnering various stakeholders including residents, government agencies, grassroots organisations, schools and organisations. Community In Bloom Awards aims to:


• Recognise and reward gardening efforts by community gardening groups


• Motivate and encourage community gardeners to enjoy gardening as a fun and healthy activity


• Set & improve the standards of community gardens located in communal spaces


• Spread the gardening bug to others in the community so that they too can discover the joy of gardening


Congratulations to Park View Primary School on being awarded the Community In Bloom (Silver) in 2014!



Community Projects


SG 50 Garden Project orgainsed by Turf Club and New Paper

NE Community Project  “SG 50 CIB Gardens ‘2065’  “







Gardeners after CCA Session


Visited Meridian Primary School