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Park View Primary School Hockey was started in 2001. We have taken part in the National Inter-Primary Schools Hockey Tournament as well as the East Zone Hockey Junior Championships every year and have achieved many awards.


Our dedicated members train thrice a week under the supervision of our coach, Mr Shanker, a former Malaysian international who is also actively involved in Hockey in Singapore. We have a dedicated team of teachers who supervise them during training sessions and bring them out for tournaments.


We hope to include parents in our plans to develop the talent in the school, and we welcome all parents to help out in training sessions and accompany the pupils for tournaments. We look forward to achieving many more awards with your continued participation and support.


Training Programme


The training emphasize on skill development of players since they join at primary 3 and they are groomed by the coach to prepare them to be part of the school team. They will take part in pre junior hockey carnivals when they are in primary 3 and 4. This is to provide them with the necessary exposure to competitive atmosphere for tournament proper when they are in primary 5. Selected players in primary 5 will take part in the zonal and national tournament.


Training structure


Players will start the training with warming up jogs and also stretching. They will then move on to some physical conditioning before proceeding to start the training proper with the following being covered for trainings.

  • Practice stick gripping, both forehand and reverse stick
  • Practice moving around with the stick (with & without the ball)
  • Movement games with stick control
  • Various games: shadow game, avoid the defender, follow the leader, relay dribble
  • Small-sided gameplay and station work for skill improvement. 
  • Basic rules & terminology of hockey
  • Proper stance and technique to pass, receive & shoot.

The training usually ends with 2 sided games for the players to apply the skills being taught by the coach in a game situation.




As the East Zone COE (Centre of Excellence), we have organised hockey events to promote the game of hockey in collaboration with Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF). East zone COE Hockey 3’s clinic and tournament was held in Sengkang Hockey stadium in January 2015.  Indoor Hockey carnival was also held in Park View Primary School in November 2015. For both events, there were participation from schools not only from East zone. SHF was also involved in our school’s post exam activities for P6 pupils by providing umpires for the inter-class indoor hockey tournament. 



Mr Azmi Bin Kasim (Overall CCA Teacher-in-Charge)

Madam Nurul 

Mdm Tan Xiuling

Training days/Time/Venue


P3 to P4 Boys
3.30pm – 5.30pm
Sheltered Court (ISH)



P5 & P6 Boys 
3.30pm – 5.30pm
Sheltered Court (ISH)



7.30 am - 9.00 am

Sengkang Hockey Stadium


Ms Syasya Rifqah bte Sanip







National School Games East Zone Hockey Championships Senior Division Boys

4th position


National School Games Hockey Championships Senior  Division Boys

 East Zone (COE Sports) Hockey Carnival 2017 @ St Hilda’s Pri Sch 3rd position 2017
 National School Games Hockey Championships Senior  Division Boys Participation 2017
 East Zone (COE Sports) Hockey 3v3 Carnival 2017 @ Punggol Cove Pri Sch 1st position 2017
 National School Games Hockey Championships Junior Division Boys Ongoing 2017