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Park View Primary School Volleyball Team was formed in 2001. Since then, it has distinguished itself as one of the powerhouses in primary school volleyball, winning medals in zonal and national competitions in both the boys and girls division. The PVPS volleyball team has gathered many accolades through its long and proud history. Together with a team of committed and dedicated teachers, we hope to build on our achievements and strive to scale greater heights in the coming years.



Mrs Helen Chong (Boys Team)

Miss Phoebe Goh (Girls Team)

Mrs Ho Zhong Ying 

 Mr Oh Swee Hong


Coach Yip Wai Kiat (Boys Team)

Coach Teo Teck Huat Jerry (Boys Team)


Training Programme:


The volleyball team provides differentiated training to pupils at different levels. When they first join the CCA in Primary 3, the focus will be on developing basic skills through fun drills and games. At Primary 4, pupils will be working towards perfecting their basic skills of serving, digging, setting and spiking. They will also have the opportunity to take part in the annual soft volleyball competition to apply the skills learnt. At Primary 5 and Primary 6, the training will focus on exploring different offensive and defensive systems and preparing the teams for the zonal and national competitions.

Every training session will begin with a warm-up session which consists of stretching and fitness and conditioning drills. It will be followed by team drills to develop basic skills and specific skills for the particular training session. The training will end with a game to allow pupils to put into practice the drills they have carried out earlier. During the game, pupils will also learn about formation and rotation which are crucial knowledge in a volleyball game. 



Training Schedule:


Training Days

School Team Players (Boys & Girls)

Monday 3.30pm - 6pm

Thursday 3.30pm - 6pm

All Players

Friday 7.30am-9.00am


Upcoming Competitions

East Zone / Nationals Volleyball Tournament (January- April)

Soft Volleyball Carnival (August)

Friendly match for Boys and Girls (September holiday)

School Holiday Training

Last 2 weeks of November

Last 2 weeks of December

Training Attire 

School Team players are required to purchase a personal pair of knee guards for safety. 

Students are allowed to bring and change into their own sport shoes during training. 

Girls with short or long hair are required to keep hair tied or pinned up during training. 




SPSSC East Zone Primary Schools Volleyball Championships


Senior Boys – 2nd

Senior Girls –3rd

Junior Boys – 2nd

Junior Girls – 4th

2016Senior Boys – 1st

Senior Girls – 2nd

Junior Boys – 4th

Junior Girls – 3rd


Senior Boys – 1st

Senior Girls – 2nd

Junior Boys – 1st 

Junior Girls – 3rd

SPSSC National Primary Schools Volleyball Championships


Senior Boys – 2nd 


Junior Boys – 4th


Senior Boys – 3rd

Junior Boys – 4th

Junior Girls – 4th



We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the parents who have supported us during the tournament season.

Thanks for cheering for the team and taking care of the players!