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PVPS Aesthetics Framework

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The Aesthetics programme in PVPS is designed in alignment with the Arts Framework. It aims to develop our students in the Cognitive (Knowledge), Affective (Attitude) and Psychomotor (Skills) domains. Through our 4E (Exposure, Expression, Excursion, Excellence) approach, we aim to develop and harness the full range of our students' talents and contribute to their overall development. With a strong emphasis on 21st century competencies, our programme seeks not only to develop future arts practitioners and audiences imbued with a sense of aesthetics, but also individuals who are civic-minded, cultivated, gracious and able to express themselves through various art forms. Through the arts, we expose our students to local and global cultures, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the world and bridge the gap between cultures. It is a powerful tool that can improve communication and relationships between cultures. They will also have a keen sense of the Singaporean identity and a spirit of experimentation and innovation.

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The National Arts Education Award

Congratulations to Park View Primary School on being awarded the National Arts Education Award (NAEA) at Spark level in 2013!

The National Arts Education Award (NAEA) is a national award conferred by NAC to recognise schools’ efforts in promoting arts education. The NAEA framework, developed together with the Ministry of Education, seeks to encourage schools to provide holistic arts education for all students and affirms schools with good arts practices and programmes.

It is with great confidence and commitment that our school continues the journey towards a more holistic and integrated arts education programme for our pupils. Winning this award is just a beginning. We will continue to strive and do our best to build a vibrant arts culture in PVPS!

Our Achievements


Aesthetics Gallery



PVPS Class Decoration 2020


PVPS Open Arts Gallery

PVPS Model Class Awards 2014


PVPS Model Class Awards 2015


PVPS Model Class Awards 2016

PVPS Model Class Awards 2017

PVPS Model Class Awards 2018

PVPS Model Class Awards 2019




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Exposure Programmes

To foster greater appreciation for the arts, students are introduced to different forms of arts through programmes like assembly performances and talks

Recess Activities


PVPS Got Talent    

PVPS Got Talent aims to provide talented students a platform to showcase their talents. It also aims to cultivate audience and performer etiquette in the audience and performers respectively. Through the programme, we have identified selected students to take part in external music competitions.




Photos taken before Covid-19

Experience Programmes


Students learn best through hands-on participation in various performing arts. Through our modular music and dance activities, students are equipped with a sense of musicality, psychomotor skills, instrumental techniques and skills.

Music Modular Programmes

P1 – 4 Game based Activities
Students learn music concepts while having fun! As students’ participation and motivation increase, they create positive experiences which lead to better learning retention.


P3 and 4 Ukulele
The ukulele has become increasingly popular in recent times because of its size and its unique sound. It is easier to learn and serves as a good stepping stone for students to learn the guitar at P5. As part of our broad-based arts approach, this programme is aimed at introducing students to the ukulele instrument. The module will give them a better understanding of the anatomy of the ukulele, the various chord progressions and using the instrument to express themselves through music. Through this module, we will build our students’ foundation in rhythm and their aural abilities.


P5 Guitar
The P5 students learn the basic guitar skills such as strumming and plucking. They put up performances during school events.


P1 and 2 Dance
The P1 and 2 students learn the different modern dance genres as part of their school enrichment programmes.  Each class learns a unique dance to be performed at their year-end promotion concerts.


P6 Hip Hop Dance
The P6 students learn the various Hip Hop dance styles as a post-PSLE activity. Each class learns a unique dance. The students will perform the specially choreographed dance during their Graduation Ceremony.


P3 and 4 Keyboard

The P3 and 4 students learn basic keyboard skills and composing on the GarageBand. 



P6 Digital Music
Students go through a series of lessons from Jazz to Pop music to create their own melodic composition via iPad GarageBand. Students are encouraged to be creative in their music making, bringing their ideas to life.

P3 – 5 Ethnic Music
Students learn different ethnic percussion techniques and express their musical skills by playing various musical instruments from the different ethnic groups. Students also get to appreciate local cultures during the lessons.



Excellence Programmes

Students celebrate their artistic efforts and achievements through Internal and external performances, competitions and events. 


Celebrations through the Arts – Body Percussion
To cultivate life-long learning and connection to music, we infuse body percussion in many of our celebrations. Teachers and students across different levels interact and create music together. While being self-directed learners, students explore music-making with creative expressions. 


P1 Little Stars and P2 Broadway

Our Primary 1 and 2 students have the opportunity to showcase their drama and dance skills which they have acquired during their enrichment programmes in this yearly concert. 



P6 Graduation 

Our Primary 6 Graduation Ceremony is a special event in celebration of our students' six years journey in Park View Primary School. The graduating classes will perform a medley of hip hop dances and song items for their peers, parents and teachers. 





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Exposure Programmes

To foster greater appreciation for the arts, students are introduced to different forms of arts through programmes like assembly performances and talks.

Roving Art Truck Programme

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How would it be like to encounter art on a truck? Follow Thumbs Up to visit the Roving Art Truck parked at Park View Primary!

A colourful art truck has arrived at Park View Primary. Packed within the truck is an exhibition of 10 paintings by local and South East Asia artists, and students are able to see them all at one go. 

9 year old Devi Sravanthi is one of the first few to step foot on the Roving Art Truck. She heard about the truck previously and was eagerly waiting for it to arrive in school. When the truck came, she rushed to visit the exhibition during her recess time. 

Sravanthi’s ambition was to become an artist when she grows up. She said, “I have never visited the National Gallery and have only seen art exhibitions on videos. The experience of listening to the commentator explaining about the stories behind every artwork, is a very enriching one.”

10 years old Jaylen Wong Yi Cong has the opportunity to visit the museum once every year. Earlier this year, he has also participated in the virtual tour organised by the National Gallery, hence he is able to identify many of the artworks on the Roving Art Truck.

He said, “The experience of seeing an artwork virtually and seeing it in real is very different. The gallery is a very quiet space and that creates an experience. Also, the artworks in reality are actually very huge and majestic.”

Other than paintings, there is an art wall for students to express themselves and leave comments and thoughts after their visit. The art wall will be left behind for the school when the truck leaves for another destination. 

Head of Aesthetics Miss Lim Hwee Tin felt that this exposure is just the tip of an iceberg and she hopes this experience would spark the interest in art for students and open the doors to more art activities.

Assembly Programmes

The Art of Marbling via Zoom


Art Explorers Assembly Talk by Art Outreach Singapore




Experience Programmes


Students learn best through hands-on participation in various arts forms. Through our modular art activities, students are equipped with a range of art making techniques and skills.


Art Modular Programmes


Primary 3



Primary 4



Primary 5



Primary 6



Primary 3 to 5 Digital Art




Excursion Programmes


The school expands and extends the learning environment of the students beyond the classrooms by bringing them to visit museums, galleries and theatres.


Art Learning Journeys 

Primary 2 Art-in-Transit

The Art-in-Transit programme provides our students with learning experiences beyond the classrooms, exposing them to the art installations in the MRT stations and providing insight into the history of the community in which the stations are located.   Besides art appreciation, the infusion of English and Mathematics activities through the artworks allows our students to learn English and Mathematics in authentic and meaningful context, thereby enabling them to see the interconnectedness between the subjects.

Primary 4 Museum-based Learning

The museum-based learning is a core learning experience for our P4 students. The museum provides an authentic context for the learning of local art, Singapore’s history and heritage. Through the pre-, during- and post-visit experiences, the students are involved as artists and audience to create and appreciate art. 



Primary 6 Learning Journey to Dragon Kiln 

The Primary 6 students visit Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln Pottery Jungle situated at Lorong Tawas as part of their post-exam activity. The LJ is also part of the school’s Aesthetics programme to expose students to the 3D art form and the rich heritage of the dragon kiln. During the tour, the students have the opportunity to view a variety of ceramic wares that show the different cultures and styles of Asia. The students immerse in the studio pottery environment whereby they are given clay to create their own artworks.

Excellence Programmes 


Students celebrate their artistic efforts and achievements through Internal and external art exhibitions, projects, performances, competitions and events.



National Day Celebrations through the Arts 

The school commemorated our National Day with differentiated art activities and collaborate with the NE department every year. Through these activities, we hope to instill national pride, the importance and appreciation of our history.  It is an outlet for our students to showcase their creativity and share their knowledge.




Singapore Book of Records

The school embarks on a bi-annual attempt at breaking the SBoR as a prelude activity to National Day Celebration. 

2021 – Largest Bread Tag Mural




2017 – Largest Handprint Mural




2014 - Largest Display of Lanterns made from Cardboard Tubes 



2012 - Largest Display of Flowers made from Recycled Plastic Bottle


2010 - A Squiggle and A Thousand Doodles





In Partnership with Arts Education Branch (AEB): SLS Art Resources for Primary Schools 

As part of the ministry’s effort to transform learning experiences of students through purposeful use of technology, and in providing for students with greater access to arts learning, the Arts Education Branch (AEB) has been developing student learning resources that are made available for schools on Student Learning Space (SLS).   AEB collaborated with Park View Primary School to develop the Student Artist Talk Video Series, which featured two Primary 6 students, Leila Koh (6D), and Tan Yan Yi (6B), who shared their artistic processes behind the artwork created for the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition. The artwork, entitled “Waves of Life”, received the Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention). Leila and Yan Yi also shared the art concepts through discussing about and reflecting on the artwork.






Art Outreach Community Outreach Programme through Recycled Art    

Art Club members, in collaboration with the Green Ambassadors, carry out the yearly Community Outreach Programme through Recycled Art by reaching out to the kindergarten students to share with them the importance of environment conservation and how they can do their part to protect mother Earth. 


Through simple craftwork, the Art Club members teach the kindergarten students how to transform common household trash such as toilet rolls, bottle caps and plastic bottles into useful craftwork. This programme is also a platform to develop the social and emotional competencies of our students and an opportunity for them to hone their leadership skills.





E6 Cluster Art Exhibition @ Tampines Regional Library

This is an inaugural event to give an additional platform to showcase our students' works in non SYF Art Exhibition years.  The artworks were exhibited digitally at the Tampines Library Level 2 Screen at Tampines Hub.  Kudos to all our young artists! 




Celebrating National Day through the Arts Exhibition



Mid-Autumn Fiesta Exhibition



P1 & 2 PAL Visual Art Exhibition




Walkathon Exhibition





Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation & Exhibition

2021: Category B - Certificate of Recognition


2021: Category C - Certificate of Participation [Artist Talk]



2019: Category A – Certificate of Recognition



2019: Category B – Certificate of Participation



2019: Category C – Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)



Young Illustrator Awards (Season 7) 

Rasleen Kaur Khaira of class 4A was one of the Top 6 Finalist in the Young Illustrator Awards. Out of 1300 submissions under the Primary School category, Rasleen came in 4th in this national competition. Working on the given theme ‘Explorer’, Rasleen created a captivating painting entitled “Autumn Is Here”; an artwork inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s impasto technique.




NDP "Our Heart For Singapore" pledge card design competition   

Our students designed cards for the “Our Heart for Singapore” project based on ideas gathered from interactions with their family members and seniors. From their conversations, they drew the stories they had heard. Their artworks were show cased at the National Museum of Singapore.



#SYFstrongerTogether Project