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Physical & Health Education


To enable our students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.


To enable and encourage our students to be active after leaving school, with a greater focus on building a strong foundation in fundamental movement skills (FMS) and broad-based development through a range of enjoyable and varied physical activities. 



Enable Health and Fitness for life

  • Provide platforms for students to choose, experience and engage in physical activities through participation in sports and health-related programmes and activities.

Deepening Enjoyment of Active and Healthy Living

  • Expose students to a range of sports and games skills through sporting events/programmes and PE lessons.
  • Enhance students’ sports experience through the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Sports Experiential Programme.
  • Enhance holistic assessment of student learning and physical development via PE Holistic Development Profile (HDP):

- self and peer assessment (subject-based/learning outcomes)

- self and peer assessment (in Values, SEL & 21CC)

Enrichment Programmes

P1 & P2 Wushu Enrichment Programme

Wushu Enrichment is a programme customised for P1 and P2 pupils. It aims to introduce our pupils to basic martial arts through engaging lessons. Throughout the programme, emphasis will be placed on hand and leg movements and coordination. Pupils will then be able to perform a basic routine.

The programme also seeks to inculcate values of Respect, Discipline and Perseverance in the pupils. Pupils reap the benefits of improved focus and better conduct. Our Parent Support Group partners the school in facilitating the values education segment together with the Wushu coaches during lessons.


P4 and P5 Outdoor Adventure Learning

Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor

The school believes in taking learning outdoors to enrich the curriculum and make learning fun and meaningful. Every year, Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor are conducted concurrently for the P4 and P5 pupils as a form of lead up to the ultimate camp experience for P6 - Overseas Cultural Immersion Camp.

p4  and p5 camp.jpg

During the camps, pupils learn useful skills such as topography, tent-pitching and conflict management. They also have the opportunities to take part in activities such as dragon boating, Challenge Ropes Course and team-building games. Through adventure challenges and activities, pupils get to:

  • Overcome their fears and limitations
  • Challenge themselves
  • Grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Step outside their comfort zone
  • Develop an appreciation for nature
  • Manage risk and learn to reflect
  • Develop team-building and leadership skills

p4  and p5 camp 1.jpg

P6 Motivation Camp

P6 Camp Endeavour

The annual P6 camp serves as a motivation and reward for all P6 students who have met the expectations and requirements set by the school and their teachers. It is also an opportunity for the cohort and teachers to spend quality time together. The school has decided to explore one of our local popular attractions – Sentosa, instead of going overseas to Batam. It is a good bonding time for our P6 cohort as they engage themselves in fun-filled activities such as team-building games, laser tag games and go-kart style activity at Skyline Luge with their school mates and teachers. Pupils also learn about the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles through interacting with nature and the outdoors. The highlight of the camp is the opportunity to sleep in the Underwater World Singapore as they fall asleep looking at the colourful marine life in the tanks.

p6 camp.jpg

School Events

PVPS Family Run & Walk Challenge 2021

PVPS Olympics for (P3  to P6)

PVPS Olympics, one of the key sporting events in the school, is usually held on the second last day of school to cap off Semester 1. A series of events lead up to the culmination of the PVPS Olympics day where pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6 represent their houses and battle it out to be crowned Champion House of the year.

The aims of the event are to provide a platform for pupils from different classes and levels to mingle, forge friendships and to demonstrate qualities such as sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. The PVPS Olympics put to test both individual competencies and team camaraderie through sports and several competitions such as Best Banner, Best Mascots, and Best Cheering.


Mini Olympics for (P1 & P2)

Telematch & Campfire (for P1)


ACES Day are held on the eve of Children’s Day. The event was used to signify the end of the year-round competition between the various Houses. The event will be led by our resident Aerobics enthusiast, Mr Azmi and will be assisted by Hope Ambassadors and pupils from the Fun and Fitness Programme. It is always the aim for the school to move in unison to the sound of the music to display the school value ‘Synergy for Success’.

School Programmes

P1 & P2 PAL (Sports and Creative Movements)

Fun and Fitness Programme

The Fun and Fitness Programme aims to motivate our pupils to maintain a healthy weight through participating in physical activites. During recess time, pupils will be engaged in activities conducted by PE teachers and students leaders. Each session lasts for 15 minutes. It is a weight management programme that helps the pupils to be involved in games and cardio. Pupils are also educated on healthy eating habits and will have the opportunity to take part in events organized by external organizations such as POSB kids run.


Health Awareness Week

Active Friday

Unstructured Play / Recess Play

P6 Inter-Class Games