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PVPS Teaching & Learning Framework

The learner is at the centre of everything we do. Based on the school philosophy of “Every child matters”, the school recognises the diverse needs, abilities, aspirations and backgrounds of its pupils.


Thus, this Teaching & Learning (T&L) framework will guide the school and take it further in providing our pupils of different abilities with customised and differentiated learning experiences, so as to realise their potential, while enhancing opportunities for interaction among them.


Aligned to Teach Less Learn More, the T&L framework sets the direction for the school to think of ways to teach better, engage our pupils andachieve the school’s desired outcomes.



Objectives of The Teaching & Learning Framework


  1. The framework aims to achieve these aims: 

  1. Realisation of the school’s vision of a knowledge playground where personalised learning is experienced and friendships developed ; 

  1. Achievement of academic excellence and the PVPS Pupils Outcomes ; and 

  1. Setting a whole-school approach in providing enriching learning experiences for all our pupils at different levels, and to allow for greater integration among them.

  1. These objectives are also in alignment with the school’s Strategic Thrust 1: Holistic Development of our pupils, and prudently spelled out in the school’s strategic objectives and key performance indicators.

  1. The T&L framework addresses two main areas: 

  1. Delivering Effective Classroom Instruction - Using a variety of pedagogies and innovative strategies such as thinking skills, to plan and deliver high quality instruction in order to engage all pupils in active learning and to monitor their progress holistically ; and

  2. Creating an Engaging Learning Environment - Through effective pedagogies and strengthening partnerships with parents and stakeholders to create and maintain an engaging and productive learning environment that fosters pupils’ growth, both in and out of classroom.