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P6 Modular Art: Muralize It Infused Foil Art

In this programme, our pupils were exposed to a myriad of techniques for fabricating a mural based on the Art forms of Foil Art.


The programme took the P6 pupils through the basics of the making of a mural through the design, fabrication and the refinement phase of the Art form.

Pupils’ Reflections


Shameetha (6A1)

The programme was fun and I enjoy the lessons very much.


Mikafla Nayan (6C)


The programme was fun. It was challenging at first but at last my partner and I managed to do it.


 Adelaide Yew (6D)

The trainer, Mr Zaki is a fun and interesting trainer. He makes us laugh all the time. He makes a good art teacher.


Insyirah Qistina (6E)

I think the programme is useful for some school projects.


Gu Jia Hao (6F)

Foil Art was interesting, I like the techniques used for it.



P5 Modular Art: WireFest

Through this programme, our pupils will experience the art and form of sculpting with the amazing galvanised or aluminium wire. They will learn about forms and shapes, conceptualization and perception, moulding and modelling with hands and the required tools. In the whole creative process, they will discover and appreciate how perceived thoughts can be realized within the sculptural art form. They will create objects such as experimental aesthetic sculptures of clothes hangers, flowers and musical instruments.

Pupils’ Reflections


Muhd Hufaizah (5A2)

The programme is fun and the trainer is funny.


Wesley Chan (5B)

I really enjoyed this class. I wish next time we will have more such programme in the future.


Nadira Ghazali (5C)

The programme taught me about being careful with wire and pliers.


Koh Kai Xin (5D)

The trainer was very interesting and can do many interesting sculptures. The programme was interesting and fun too. 


Ebenezar Jaya (5E)

The programme is difficult and challenging but I managed to finish some sculptures.


Celia Cheang (5F)

I hope that we can have more wire sculptures and the theme should be "pets" or “vehicles”.



P4 Modular Art: Sketching
P4 pupils were taught the basic sketching techniques - a pre-requisite for the Scamper Comes Alive project. The lesson aims to train pupils in basic perspective drawing so that they would be able to draw their ideas of a Fobot with confident during their planning stage. 

P4 Modular Art – Sketching


Vaibhav (4E)

The sketching of Fobot helps us master the skills of drawing.


Ethan (4E)

The sketching of the Fobot was the best because it taught us how to do the cross-hatching and other methods of sketching so that we can draw out our ideas.


Jasleen (4E)

This activity can be a very useful skill in life. I always thought that there is only one way to sketch but now … Wow! I learnt so many other ways of sketching!


P3 Digital Art

In this programme, pupils created 2D artworks using MyPaint software, focusing on 2 art elements - lines and shapes.



Pupil/ Class


Liew Yu Xuan, Gabriel (3A)

The drawing part was interesting and clear


Lee Fang Qi (3B)

I find drawing and saving MyPaint interesting


Poo Sin Leng Jaslyn (3C)

I have learnt many things like how to use a pen to draw on the computer and drawing line in the animals and move the animals in the computer. Thank you for teaching me all these interesting things for my Art lessons.


Muhd Rayyan Bin Musaji Angullia (3D)


I enjoyed the lesson because it was interesting and we get to draw using a bamboo pen! Thank you, Mr Jeff for making this a very challenging but fun lesson.


P4 Digital Art

In this programme, pupils created 2D artworks using MyPaint software, focusing on art form, whichrefers to three-dimensional shapes that have length, width and depth.


Here are some works in progress: 


Pupil/ Class


Bryan Lee Jia Wei (4A)

I have learned that we need to work with each other


Ng Chern Loong Branson (4B)


I learn to work with my partner and learn how to use the tools and the colour. I also learn how to draw texture and add texture in the animal.


Cheryl Lee Zhu En (4C)

I have learnt to work with difference people in our class and at the same time, we get to know each other better than before.


Ahmad Muaz Bin Mohd (4D)

I have leant that if you want to have a nice piece of work, we must have patience.


Sarah Chua Su Ann (4E)

I have learnt to use Art on the computer. I have also learnt to work well with my partner.


P3 Cartooning & Colouring Techniques

As part of the school leaders’ effort to support the holistic education of our pupils, P3 pupils were taught cartooning and colouring techniques by Mr Lim Jit Hin, Vice-Principal 1. In the lesson, Mr Lim taught the pupils how to create animal cartoons as well as colouring techniques using oil pastels.


P3 Modular Art: Mosaic Art

The art of mosaic has been practised in one form or another for thousands of years. In Singapore, we can see modern mosaic art decorating the walls of MRT stations and other public areas. Our P3 pupils will learn techniques such as cutting, arranging and fixing mosaic tiles and grouting to create colourful and lasting artistic impressions.


Look out for our updates! Coming soon!


P4 – Decorating Cardboard Recycling Bin (Environment Care Programme)

As part of the school’s effort in promoting environment care and protection, the P4 pupils will work in groups to decorate cardboard recycling boxes using their artworks.


Do check on our website for updates. 

P4 VIA Through Art – Decorating the Recycling Bin


Vaibhav (4E)

The activity was interesting and fun and it helps us to know more about our friends as we work together on the project.


Ethan (4E)

We could work together to sketch, colour and paint our own designs and patterns on the recycling bin.


Jasleen (4E)

This is a very fun activity. It actually provides opportunity for team bonding and team work. I hope we can have more of this kind of activity.


P5 Digital Art

In this programme, pupils created 2D artworks using MyPaint software, focusing on art elements – colours.


Here are some works in progress: 

Music Modules

P3 Digital Music

The P3 pupils learnt basic keyboard skills and composing on the GarageBand in pairs. There is a winner in every class to award them the best composition in the GarageBand competition.


P4 Digital Music

The P4 pupils built on their basic keyboard skills and composing on the GarageBand in pairs. There is a winner in every class to award them the best composition in the GarageBand competition.

P5 Guitar Module

The P5 pupils learnt the basic guitar skills such as strumming and plucking in 8 sessions. They put up a performance during the Teachers’ Day concert this year.


P6 Drums Module

The P6 pupils learnt the various types of drums such as congas, bongo, agogo bell etc.. during their drums module and selected pupils have performed for the school during assembly.



P6 Hip Hop Dance

The P6 pupils learn the various Hip Hop dance styles over 12 sessions. Each class is taught a dance that is unique to their class. They will be performing during the P6 Graduation Nite.