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Active Contributor Programme


ACP is a platform for our pupils to voice out their views in making the school a better place to learn in.




The objectives of ACP are:

  1. To promote the spirit of innovation and excellence in the school 

  2. To identify pupils’ needs and expectations



All P1-P6 pupils are to give at least 1 feedback or suggestion in a year. This mass participation will take place during Eureka Day. The list of events is listed in the table below:



Chinese New Year Celebration


International Friendship Day


VIA Adopt-a-Plot


P4 Camp


P5 Camp


National Day


6 Events


Termly Themes For Suggestions

Pupils will be informed of the theme for suggestions and feedback each term. The themes are in alignment to the school’s vision, mission and strategic thrusts.



Apart from the termly themes, pupils are welcome to give their suggestions to improve the school in terms of teaching and learning, school practices or even infrastructure. They can put their suggestions in the suggestion box that can be found on the bottom right corner of the ACP Board (IDEAS).


Reward & Recognition

Pupils with the best suggestions for Termly ACP, EUREKA and #ProjectACP will each receive a cash voucher and a certificate as a form of reward and recognition. All good suggestions and feedback will also be implemented in the school. To recognise pupils' best suggestions, their photo and suggestions will be put up on the ACP Board.