Life Skills

Life Skills are core set of skills with skills-based activities designed to promote the health and well-being of children. Life skills lessons provide a platform for pupils to practice their social emotional competencies. The life skills activities in PVPS are aligned to the CCE domains and CCE level outcomes of the school.


P1 Life Skills – Ready for School 


The P1 pupils learn basic skills on how to put on, remove, fold and hang their school uniforms, PE attire, socks and school shoes independently. They also learn how to pack their bags according to the size of the books. Through these life skills activities, pupils get to practice hands-on, led by Parent Volunteers. These skills will help them do things on their own, know their personal strengths and be responsible for their own well-being.





P2 Life Skills – LifeSkills@Home Part 1


The P2 pupils learn how to sweep the floor, change pillowcases and towels, spread jam on bread, wipe tables and clean utensils. Through these life skills activities, pupils get to practice hands-on, led by Parent Volunteers. They learn useful skills that can be put to use at home to instil a sense of responsibility and empathy towards their family members.




P3 Life Skills – Ready for P3 School Life 1: Teamwork


This life skills activity is part of their Values in Action project. The life skills aim to educate the pupils on the importance of teamwork, in or out of the classroom. The pupils go through different activities in class to identify their strengths and weaknesses, in order to work better together and communicate well with each other. This is especially important as they will be working together most of the time in class, as well as, P3 VIA Adopt-a-Plot.



P4 Life Skills - Understanding cultures of different races: Dining Etiquette And Table Manners


The P4 pupils learn new things about the different cultures, especially dining etiquette and table manners of the 4 main races in Singapore, namely Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Through these life skills activities, pupils get to practice hands-on, led by Parent Volunteers. This life skills aims to provide awareness amongst pupils and equip them so that it can be put to use in the real world.



P5 Life Skills – Being Prepared: First Aid


The P5 life skills aim to educate pupils about basic first aid theories and get them to apply basic first aid through practice. They were taught many basic first aids but the life skills activity focused on tying of bandage. Through this life skills activity, pupils get to practice hands-on using triangle bandages. This skill can be put to practice if they encounter any emergency.



P6 Life Skills - First step in preparing for world challenges: Stress management


This life skills is prepared for the P6 pupils at the start of the year to help them prepare themselves, in coping with stress in the journey towards PSLE. At the end of the life skills, pupils will know the importance of stress management, know simple methods to reduce stress when they encounter them and act upon it. The life skills will help them cope with stress even when they leave primary school.