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Values in Practice (VIP) Programme


The Values in Practice (VIP) Programme was introduced in 2011 as one of the key character development programmes as part of our efforts in nurturing our pupils into responsible citizens of good character. In 2014, a review was done to improve the programme to better align to the desired outcomes of education, CCE Learning Outcomes and PVPS school shared values. In order to get a better perspective of how to improve the programme, three separate sessions of Focused Group Discussions were conducted with the teachers, parents and pupils were conducted to gather their feedback and suggestions.

The VIP Programme aims to: 

  • provide platforms for pupils to demonstrate the school shared values in alignment to the 6 CCE Core values (R3ICH), 8 CCE Learning Ourcomes and 6 CCE Level Outcomes in tandem with MOE's direction of providing pupils with Student-Centric Values-Driven Education
  • nurture pupils into individuals of sound character with a sense of social responsibility
  • enirch character development journey of pupils in school and at home
  • motivate and recognise pupils for demonstrating the school shared values


6 differentiated VIP passports encompass different tasks for pupils' completion as each level focuses on each CCE domains and school shared values. Teachers will endorse pupils' completion of tasks in the school with VIP stamps while parents acknowledge the completion of VIP@Home.

Pupils who have achieved Level 4 (at least 85 values points) will be rewarded with VIP badges and HAF certificates in Term 4.   

VIP passport for all levels     
Colourful VIP badges  and stamp