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The Student Leadership Development Programme in PVPS uses a whole school approach in providing students with broad experiences that will develop leadership skills and qualities in them.

Under the Student Leadership Development Programme, 3 broad approaches are established, as seen in the framework below. They are:

  • Leadership for All;
  • Leadership for Service Council; and
  • Leadership for Key Leaders


Figure 1: Framework of Pupil Leadership Development

Leadership for All (Exposure)

  • The main focus of “Leadership for All” is to give leadership exposure to all students.


Leadership for Service Learning Council (Experience)

  • The main focus of “Leadership for Service Learning Council” is to allow students to experience taking up leadership roles and the responsibilities and challenges that come with these roles while serving the school. 
  • This is targeted at students who have demonstrated school shared values and display leadership potential.

  • The 7 Service Learning Councils are:
    • Aesthetics Ambassadors
    • Cyberwellness Ambassadors
    • Green Ambassadors
    • HoPE Ambassadors
    • MRL Ambassadors
    • NE Ambassadors
    • Prefects

Leadership for Key Leaders (Excel)

  • In line with our strategic thrust [2], Innovation & Excellence, the main focus of “Leadership for Key Leaders” is to develop students to excel as leaders.