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Speech & Drama (Primary 1 and 2)

As part of the school’s holistic approach to give our pupils a well-rounded education, all Primary One and Two pupils go through a 24-hour Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme. This programme is conducted once a week on Fridays.


Drama provides an atmosphere that allows the pupils to express themselves freely and without fear of criticism. In this programme, pupils’ speaking and listening skills are developed through a range of activities that emphasises spoken word texts, effective communication, voice projection and dramatisation.



● To stimulate pupils’ imagination and creativity

● To promote the growth and development of oral skills

● To develop pupils’ skills and confidence in acting, speaking and listening

To showcase their talents, the pupils put up a show at our annual Little Stars and Broadway performance days. Parents are also invited to watch the show.






Literature Appreciation (Primary 3, 4 & 5)

To cultivate the love for reading, the Literature Appreciation Enrichment Programme is conducted for all Primary 3 to Primary 5 pupils. In this programme, the pupils learn to appreciate literature and are engaged in a series of dynamic dramatic activities. These activities will involve pupils in imaginary, unscripted and spontaneous scenes framed by curricular topics, selected objectives, themes and pupils’ personal experiences.


This year, the pupils study the following books:

• Primary 3 - Fantastic Mr Fox
• Primary 4 - Frindle
• Primary 5 - Around the World in 80 Days

For Primary 4, the programme ties in with SCAMPER COMES ALIVE. Pupils will also be given opportunities to showcase their learning through assembly programmes and Library Fiesta activities.




 ● To develop in our pupils an appreciation for literature in an active, fun and stimulating way through the     of a literature text


● To explore characterization, themes and other key concepts in the text using drama conventions like       hot-seating, forum theatre, tableaux, thought- tracking, etc


● To challenge pupils to become innovative and critical thinkers who have a mature understanding of           themselves as well as a strong social awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

EL Talent Identification

Debate Programme


A brief history of our debate programme


The debate programme in PVPS started in 2010, focusing on building the oral competencies of verbally talented pupils. It was also the year that the first PVPS debate team entered the National Wits & Words Championship, organised by the Gifted Branch (MOE). The debaters worked hard and committed many hours of intensive trainings. Despite being a novice in the debating arena, we were successful in winning the Preliminary rounds of the competition. We triumphed against all the schools and our debater even won the Good Speaker Award. For their gargantuan feat, our debate team received the Commendation Award.


Since that year, PVPS has been inducting a "debating culture” in our school. Since then, we have not looked back and been building a strong group of debaters in our school to put PVPS on the map.






Drama Programme


Trinity-Guildhall in Speech & Drama


As part of our Talent Identification programme, we aim to recognise and develop our pupils to their fullest potential in the area of drama. Selected pupils are given an opportunity to take up the Trinity-Guildhall Speech & Drama programme and examination, specially catered for pupils who show talents in this area. Pupils selected will go through a drama skills training and confidence development to grow their talents further.


The Intensive Training Course for Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama Examination will train pupils and equip them with the necessary skills needed to sit for the Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama Examination. Pupils will present in front of examiners from the United Kingdom and will be issued with an examination report. Successful pupils will receive an internationally recognised certificate from Trinity Guildhall.


The training programme assists pupils in the selection of performance pieces to be used in the actual examination. The trainers guide the pupils in a thorough understanding of their selected pieces. The course will involve intensive verse and prose presentation practices that will allow pupils to master speech skills, such as intonation, inflection and rhythm patterns.


Through this programme, pupils will:

  • develop confidence by gaining exposure to an internationally recognised examination
  • build on their potential in Speech and Drama and bring it to another level of skills development
  • further develop their love for literature and passion for drama.