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In Park View Primary School, we would like to nurture pupils to be confident user and lifelong learners of the Mother Tongue language.

The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Teaching and Learning Framework guides the department in setting a direction and structure in its teaching learning of the Mother Tongue Language, in alignment with the school’s vision and mission.


The acquisition of language skills to as high a level as the pupil is able to, forms the core of the Mother Tongue Department’s Teaching and Learning Framework.


A 3-prong approach – Support, Enrich and Stretch is adopted in achieving this goal.

Support Enrich Stretch

  • Focused Group Remediation
  • Baseline Remediation
  • Differentiated Curriculum
  • Reading Mums Programme
  • Oral Preparatory Programme for P6 Pupils


  • Mother Tongue Language and Cultural Activities
  • Show and Tell
  • Learning Journeys
  • Reading Portfolio
  • Overseas Immersion Programme (P5 & P6 CL Pupils)
  • Broadcast Journalism Programme (P3, P4, & P5 Pupils taking HCL)
  • Competition




The strategies adopt by the department include:

  • Use of school-wide pedagogies namely Cooperative Learning and Six Thinking Hats in engaging pupils in their learning;
  • Leverage on pupils’ familiarity and regular use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Mother Tongue Language (MTL) learning;
  • Create platforms and opportunities that encourages pupils to use their MTL and appreciate the culture associated with it; and
  • Provide timely assessment and feedback (formative and summative) to on pupils’ learning.


Beyond the efforts of the school, parents, community and MOE’s involvement and support also play an essential in nurturing our pupils to be confident user and lifelong learners of the Mother Tongue language.