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Every Park View is proficient in the Mother Tongue Language, culturally savvy and has a global outlook.


   T    Trigger the passion
  A   Appreciate the culture, traditions & beliefs
   M   Master the proficiency
   I   Instil the values and morals
   L   Love the language



Our Dedicated Teachers

 Mdm Valar

(TL Coordinator)  

P2, P6 Standard & P6 Foundation
Mdm Syedama P3, P5 Standard & P5 HTL
Mr Darvinder
P1, P4 & P6 Foundation



Our Focus

  • To create a conducive learning environment which promotes active & independent learning
  • To enable pupils to acquire good command of Tamil Language where pupils can converse confidently
  • To leverage on ICT to engage pupils in collaborative and self-directed learning which promotes higher order thinking skills


Support Enrich Stretch
Reading Mum  

Buddy Reading


Guided Oral Package

Structured Oral Package

Guided Composition Package

Structured Composition Package

Progressive Comprehension Package

Learning Journeys
MTL Fortnight Activities
ICT in Teaching and Learning
Cluster Camps and Activities
    External Literacy Competitions
  TL Lang / Cultural Activities
(during recess on odd weeks)



Assessment OF

Assessment FOR


Assessment AS


Continual Assessment 1 & 2 Topical Worksheets Journal Writing 

Summative Assessment 1 & 2

Supplementary Worksheets

 Reflections on Newspaper Articles

Topical Reviews


Performance Tasks

(Show & Tell, Reading Aloud,

Thematical Speeches, etc)


Oral Rubrics


Peer Assessment

  Portfolio Assessment