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Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor


The school believes in taking learning outdoors to enrich the curriculum and make learning fun and meaningful. Every year, Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor are conducted concurrently for the P4 and P5 pupils as a form of lead up to the ultimate camp experience for P6 - Overseas Cultural Immersion Camp.




During the camps, pupils learn useful skills such as topography, tent-pitching and conflict management. They also have the opportunities to take part in activities such as dragon boating, Challenge Ropes Course and team-building games. Through adventure challenges and activities, pupils get to:


  • Overcome their fears and limitations
  • Challenge themselves
  • Grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Step outside their comfort zone
  • Develop an appreciation for nature
  • Manage risk and learn to reflect
  • Develop team-building and leadership skils




P6 Camp Endeavour


The annual P6 camp serves as a motivation and reward for all P6 students who have met the expectations and requirements set by the school and their teachers. It is also an opportunity for the cohort and teachers to spend quality time together. The school has decided to explore one of our local popular attractions – Sentosa, instead of going overseas to Batam. It is a good bonding time for our P6 cohort as they engage themselves in fun-filled activities such as team-building games, laser tag games and go-kart style activity at Skyline Luge with their school mates and teachers. Pupils also learn about the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles through interacting with nature and the outdoors. The highlight of the camp is the opportunity to sleep in the Underwater World Singapore as they fall asleep looking at the colourful marine life in the tanks.    




P3 Swimming Enrichment Programme


The P3 Swimming Enrichment Programme is a 12-week programme that aims to import water safety skills and knowledge to minimize the occurence of preventable drowning and water-related accidents. 


At the end of the programme, each child will receive a certificate indicating his/her attainment of a specific stage in the Swimsafer programme.