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PVPS Olympics


PVPS Olympics, one of the key sporting events in the school, is usually held on the second last day of school to cap off Semester 1. A series of events lead up to the culmination of the PVPS Olympics day where pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6 represent their houses and battle it out to be crowned Champion House of the year.


The aims of the event are to provide a platform for pupils from different classes and levels to mingle, forge friendships and to demonstrate qualities such as sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. The PVPS Olympics put to test both individual competencies and team camaraderie through sports and several competitions such as Best Banner, Best Mascots, and Best Cheering. 




Camp Excellence


Camp Excellence is an annual camp organized for the school team players from the various sports and performing arts CCA, namely, Volleyball, Hockey, Netball, Football, Wushu, International Dance, Malay Dance and Guzheng. The camp focuses on developing skills to help our pupils realise their potential as an athlete or performer. It brings our pupils on a journey of self-discovery and learning, as they work towards achieving their goals and inspiring others.


Apart from the motivational talk and skills training, pupils will take part in team-building activities to bond with their CCA teachers as well as their peers from different CCA. Pupils will be led to be reflective on their learning activities for the camp. The camp also includes a talk for parents regarding CCA by our school leaders as well as a Q&A for parents who want to find out more about CCA.



Orientation Programme (P1 Campfire & Games Fiesta)


One of the highlights of our P1 Orientation Programme is the P1 tele-match cum campfire where our P1 pupils will cheer, sing and participate in team games. Every year, our supportive P1 parents will also participate in the teacher-parent game during the tele-match. The Orientation Programme does not only achieve its objectives but also brings about a synergistic collaboration between the school and our PSG to provide a meaningful and impactful learning opportunity for our P1 pupils!



P1 & P2 Wushu Enrichment Programme


Wushu Enrichment is a programme customised for P1 and P2 pupils. It aims to introduce our pupils to basic martial arts through engaging lessons. Throughout the programme, emphasis will be placed on hand and leg movements and coordination. Pupils will then be able to perform a basic routine.


The programme also seeks to inculcate values of Respect, Discipline and Perseverence in the pupils. Pupils reap the benefits of improved focus and better conduct. Our Parent Support Group partners the school in facilitating the values education segment together with the Wushu coaches during lessons.