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Our Achievements in Science Competitions

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 2014


Shobhit Mishra 



Young Whizzes Challenge 2014


Muhammad Danish Bin Irwan - Merit
Nur Aaliyah Bte Didi Ismawan - Merit
Ravlyn Ong Ziying - Merit
Koh Guang Wei Anson - Honourable Mention
Muhammad Fikri Bin Jasmani  - Honourable Mention
Ian Leong Jing Yan  - Honourable Mention
Chen Liang Jung - Bronze



Our Achievements in Environment

 1Community-in-Bloom (1).jpg

 Community In Bloom Award (Silver)    

NParks has been spearheading the Community In Bloom (CIB) programme to create gardening communities within housing estates, educational institutions and organisations in Singapore by partnering various stakeholders including residents, government agencies, grassroots organisations, schools and organisations.


Community In Bloom Awards aims to: 

  • Recognise and reward gardening efforts by community gardening groups
  • Motivate and encourage community gardeners to enjoy gardening as a fun and healthy activity
  • Set & improve the standards of community gardens located in communal spaces
  • Spread the gardening bug to others in the community so that they too can discover the joy of gardening

 Congratulations to Park View Primary School on being awarded the Community In Bloom (Silver) in 2014!




The School Green Award is designed as a simple environmental audit programme for all schools in Singapore. Through this, pupils get to gain a better understanding on the environmental impact of their actions in school.


Pupils also engage or participate in various environmental programmes and/or activities to raise awareness about environmental issues within and/or to external communities and organisations.


Since 2010, the school has achieved Lotus Sustained Achievement Award.

Image result for 3R award by SEC     images.png

3R Awards - Gold

The 3R Awards (based on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) recognise and reinforce the positive environmental effects which students and teachers learn about. This programme encourages everyone in schools to inculcate the continuous habit of practising the 3Rs, contributing to better waste management and enhanced recycling.


The school has achieved the Gold 3R Awards by SEC for 2014.

Star Awards for Happy Toilets

As part of the school’s continuing efforts to raise the standard of school cleanliness and overall image of our school, our parents worked together in teams to decorate the toilets in our school. The school was awarded the Gold Stars Award by the Restroom Association in 2012.

Singapore Book of Records

In 2012,the school embarked on a recycling project to make flowers from recycled plastic bottles. It was part of our effort to promote environmental conservation through recycling and also as a prelude to the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations. This exciting and meaningful project produced 3925 flowers made from recycled plastic bottles. It was achieved through the fantastic team effort of our pupils, staff, PSG, parents and PVPS Alumni. Each of them played a critical part by contributing at least one recycled plastic bottle flower. This project successfully entered into the Singapore Book of Records for the largest display of flowers made from recycled plastic bottles on 21 September 2012. Our PVPS Garden of Recycling was “planted” with these flowers made from recycled plastic bottles. Here The Links To Singapore Book of Records


Environment Competition by NEA for CASP (Corporate And School Partnership) Children’s Market: Innovate for our greener future

The school won the 1st prize for the Environment Project competition by NEA for the Children’s market project with the theme: Innovate for our greener future .The Children’s Market package created a greater awareness & understanding of 5Rs ( Reduce,Recycle,Reuse,Refuse,Repair ). to staff/ pupils. Through the design of products, games or stalls and marketing, there is application of the 5Rs. Through this platform, pupils realised that they can make a difference in environmental conservation.

In 2013, we are privileged to have SSMC collaborating and having a greater role in the package and sponsorship. Our pupils showcased our Children’s Market collaboration with SSMC at the Singapore Clean & Green Carnival 2013.