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Singapore Science Centre Learning Journey

P1 to P5 pupils will go on a learning journey to the Singapore Science Centre every year to attend practical laboratory session or lecture demonstration on the topics that they learn in their primary science education. The Science Centre enrichment programmes complement the school science curriculum with hands-on and inspiring learning experiences. The enrichment programmes aim to:

  • provide pupils with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment;
  • provide engaging and meaningful aquisation of scientific knowledge;
  • inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry through the application of different process skills such as observing, comparing, classifying, analysing, inferring, evaluting and investigating.


P3 Singapore Zoological Gardens Learning Journey

The P3 pupils went on a learning journey to Singapore Zoological Gardens. The objectives of the learning journey are to:

  • engage pupils in experiential  learning of  the characteristics of different animals;

  • learn more about endangered animals;

  • promote wildlife conservation.


P5 Marine Life Park Learning Journey

The P5 pupils went on a learning journey to the Marine Life Park at Resort World Sentosa to enrich the pupils in learning of Science.

The objectives of the visit are to:

  • Introduce pupils to endangered marine animals and have a better understanding about marine life conservation;
  • Understand how various marine animals adapt themselves to life underwater;
  • Increase pupils’ awareness of the marine biodiversity and marine habitats.







P6: Ecology Trip & Coastal Cleanup

 The P6 pupils went on a learning journey on Ecology to Pasir Ris Beach. The pupils also did coastal clean-up at the beach after exploring the mudflat.

The objectives of the learning journey are to:

  • Increase pupils’ awareness of the ecosystem of the seashore community in Singapore;

  • Learn about the diversity of life on the seashore and selected animals and plants’ adaptations to life on the seashore;

  • Relate and extend pupils’ Science knowledge to real life experiences so as to provide pupils with a deeper understanding about life around them;

  • Integrate a meaningful Community Involvement Project (CIP) where pupils take action for the environment.


P4 and P5 Science Olympiad Training

Selected P4 and P5 pupils participated in Science Olympiad training.

The objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • To develop pupils' interest, creativity, analytical thinking skill, spirit of learning
  • through discovery and challenge in Science;
  • To expose pupils’ with secondary science syllabus in attempt to broaden their
  • knowledge of Science;
  • To prepare selected pupils for Primary Science Olympiad competitions.

The lessons are based on the broad science themes in the elementary science curriculum. These lessons focused on introducing Physics, Chemistry and Biology to pupils as well as to enhance their general knowledge.

Selected P5 pupils may have the opportunity to participate in the Raffles Science Olympiad Competiton(RSO) or the NUS HIgh Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO).



P6 DNA Science Enrichment Programme

Selected P6 pupils went through a 6-hour DNA Science Enrichment. The pupils played roles as Junior Crime Scene Investigators with emphasis on DNA Extraction & DNA Fingerprinting. The objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • Introduction to laboratory techniques;

  • Introduction to DNA as genetic material;

  • Using of apparatus in the extraction of DNA;

  • Analyse thumbprint & understand how thumbprints are used to solve mystery.