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Total Defence Day

Singapore commemorates Total Defence Day (TDD) on 15 February every year. The event, which marks the British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese during World War II, serves to remind students that Singapore is defensible and worth defending and that we ourselves must defend our country. 

 The theme for Total Defence Day this year is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong.’  

 A TDD video clip entitled, “NE-Mon, Catch them all!” was then screened. The objectives of the video was to revisit the 5 pillars of defence, with a greater emphasis on military defence as well as to increase awareness of the roles of soldiers from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The assembly programme ended off with the singing of “Training to be Soldiers.”    

 During recess, students got to experience the work of our police officers, SCDF and army personnel as they engaged in the activities at the learning booths. These learning booths were proudly run by our supportive parents from the Parent Support Group as well as our student NE Ambassadors. 

 To further gain insight on how Singapore overcame trials in the past and gained confidence for the future, our P3 students went on a learning journey to Singapore Discovery Centre. TDD 2017 may have ended but we continue to highlight to our students the importance of keeping Singapore strong and that they play an important part in this too.