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PSG Activities & Events

Cognitive Physical Aesthetics Social & Moral Leadership
  • Learning Journeys P1~P6
    (e.g. PAL, Sci centre, Zoo, Jurong Bird Park)
  • Speech & Drama (P1 & P2)
  • P1 Campfire
  • P3 Swimsafer programme
  • P1/P2 PAL Sports & Games
  • Outdoor competitions for sports
  • Art Outreach Programme (P2)
  • Little Stars concert (P1)
  • Broadway concert (P2)
  • Guzheng competition
  • P1/P2 PAL Performing arts & Visual arts
  • Ukulele (P3 & P4)
  • Budding Chef programme
  • VIA trips
  • International Friendship Day
  • Happy Toilet
  • Facilitators in lifeskills training P1-4
  • Judging Classroom Decocration
  • Mid-Autumn Fiesta
  • CNY
  • P1 registration
  • Recess Duty
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • Dads@School
  • Total Defence Day
  • School Visits
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Our Budding Chef Programme


Helmed by our school’s Parent Support Group (PSG), Our Budding Chef Programme is an innovative Home Economics programme held during curriculum time. It seeks to provide a fun learning experience for our Pri 1 and 2 pupils.

The PSG co-created and designed the curriculum of the programme. In preparation of the lessons, the parents discussed lesson pedagogies and conducted trial cooking sessions. They also organised and participated in a video production where they demonstrated and explained the procedures of cooking as well as safety and hygiene in the kitchen. The videos are shown to the pupils before each hands-on session as a form of tuning-in.

While these pupils enjoy a hands-on experience of whipping up simple dishes, they are accessing the various learning domains such as cognitive (English, Math and Science), social (dining etiquette and collaborative skills) and physical (Health Education), and critical thinking skills in every lesson. This programme gives pupils an authentic feel of the topics that they learn in school.

Pupils undergo a five-week programme where each lesson starts with an introduction of recipes, video demonstration of the dishes and thematic teaching of explicit skills such as safety in the kitchen. During the lesson, pupils experience cutting and preparation of ingredients and cooking. These help them develop their psychomotor skills and make them understand the characteristics of the food they handle. After the hands-on activity, pupils are taken through a process of reflection to help them internalise the lessons.

"I enjoyed Our Budding Chef Programme because the programme has taught me to take care of my health through healthy eating. I learned that action words related to cooking such as 'cut' and 'cook' are called verbs. I also know how to measure the mass of the ingredients using a weighing scale and handle a knife safely and responsibly in the kitchen," Bizard Oscar of Pri 2A shared.

“As a parent volunteer in charge of this programme, I get to set the learning objectives with the school. We designed this programme to teach our pupils how to apply what they have learnt in class. It is a joy seeing how pupils can take personal responsibility of their well-being,” Mdm Sandy Ang, a PSG member, shared.

Our parent volunteers noticed that their children are now more aware of the importance of healthy eating and the nutritional value of food after undergoing this programme. They are pleased that their children are now more willing to eat vegetables and fruits than before. Besides that, their children now request to help out in the kitchen. Most importantly, pupils take learning out of the classroom and are able to see the relevance and authenticity of what they learn in the classroom. The best testimony of the success of the programme is the high level of engagement of our pupils as many of them look forward excitedly to their next lesson.