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Creative Movements, Sports and Games Module

Gamesfiesta@PVPS is the PAL Creative Movements, Sports and Games module developed by teachers of Park View Primary School. 

Gamesfiesta@PVPS aims to achieve the four PAL objectives:

·         Students will develop their confidence and enjoy individual and group experiences through participation.

·         Students will develop a sense of curiosity, creativity and adaptability as a result of their PAL experiences.

·         Students will become self-directed learners and with a social conscience to want to contribute to society at large.

·         Students will be able to express themselves and articulate their thoughts and ideas.


In this module, students will experience different movements, numerous sports and modified games. It focuses more on developing students’ SEL competencies. In this module, students are not required to master any skills as one of the objectives of the module is to enable students to have active learning fun. Students are encouraged to work happily as an individual and also in a group.


Park View uses the ‘Experience-Express-Reflect’ learning model for all its PAL modules. In this module, students will activate their creativity to create movements to music, experience handling different sport equipment and working together with others. They will learn to self-manage, relate with others and even make responsible decisions for themselves and for their team members. At the end of every lesson, time will be set aside for the students to express and reflect on their learning experiences