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Performing Arts Module

Performing Arts is one of the 4 domains of PAL in Play@ParkView. The aim of this module is designed for pupils to express themselves creatively through creative movements and dances.


Pupils will be able to exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively through creative movements.


They will also enjoy group experiences and teamwork. Pupils will also develop SEL competencies.






Primary One “Rainbow”


A rainbow occurs when raindrops interact with sunlight striking it at a certain angle. The elements of rain and light have distinctive qualities. So does each colour in a rainbow; red contains energy and strength, orange is hot, yellow is bright and joyous, green brings a sense of freshness, blue symbolizes depth and vastness (sea and sky), indigo and violet are grand and dignified. These qualities can be depicted through movement, using the elements of time, space, energy, effort and the body. The pupils will explore these qualities through fun and physical activities to bring out the unique strength and creativity of each child -- like the spectrum of colours in a rainbow which magically splay out from simple white light.




Primary Two "Big Band Swing"

A slide on the downbeat, a stomp on an upbeat, a sustained turn on a long note and a frozen shape in the silence...this combination of musical rhythm with dance movement is such a fun idea to play with. The pupils will explore musical components of beat, duration, accent and tempo with movement elements of space, time, energy, effort and shape to discover interesting dynamics in movement and music. This creative exploration of the two concepts of music and dance will encourage spontaneity and stimulate the aesthetic sensitivity in each child -- so much so that they may just start swinging their bodies and tapping their feet whenever they hear music!