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Visual Arts Module

 A synopsis of PAL Visual Arts

Visual arts is one of the 4 domains of PAL and it focuses on ‘Doodling’. The aim is to provide the pupils with the opportunity to experience the creativity and imagination involved in the world of cartooning and doodling. Through this module, pupils have the chance to discover their aptitude and interests, develop their confidence and creativity and hone their drawing and colouring skills through fun learning activities. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is also incorporated in every PAL lesson to promote positive social and emotional development in the pupils.

The pupils carried out the following activities during PAL (Visual Arts) module:



Primary 1

Animal Kingdom


The Primary 1 pupils will be introduced to the basics of doodling and squiggling and the different types of lines, shapes and patterns. They will learn the correct techniques of colouring and colour blends. In addition, pupils will squiggle, doodle and have fun learning about animals and their characteristics. They will also work as a team to freely expressed and create animal doodles based on a squiggle.



Primary 1
  • Animal Cartooning & Doodling

  • 3D Animal Parade

  • Doodle PAL




Primary 2

Marine Life & Conservation


The Primary 2 pupils will be challenged to be imaginative and to create marine animals based on a squiggle. Pupils will also learn to express their thoughts and ideas through group activities. Batik Craftworks will be introduced to them in the module.



Primary 2
  • Sea Creatures Cartooning & Doodling

  • Batik Craft: Motif Painting

  • E-Book Creation















The school also conducts internal Doodling art competitions to encourage pupils to express their thoughts through their creative art pieces. There will be a PAL Fiesta at the end of the modules. 

Primary 1 Pupils at work 

Primary 2 Pupils at work 


Under The Sea Adventure Angel, Look Out! The Greedy Shark
Hakan, The Lonely Dolphin The Little Tanned Crab