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PAL eBook

The objective of the eBook project was to showcase pupils’ group work digitally. The eBook project captured the creative abilities and imagination of our pupils. Pupils were challenged to create scenes (story segment) from 7 fairy tales. Each fairy tale is broken into 6 scenes and pupils worked closely in groups of 5 to express their ideas based on the fairy tale that the group had been assigned. The pupils had read the story before generating ideas for the illustrations. Two P2 pupils were selected to record the eBook stories on 20/4/2010. The completed works were uploaded into an eBook using the Koolbits software

As part of the school’s efforts to nurture talents, 13 pupil talents were identified to work with the trainers on 04/5/2010 to recreate a set of illustrations for the book “Little Red Riding Hood”. They were challenged to illustrate the story scenes based on random squiggles drawn by the trainers. Their creative works were shared with the teachers and the pupils. The eBook is also used as a resource for the school’s reading programme, which caters to weak readers in the lower primary


Since 2010, we have moved on and created many interesting eBook stories with our pupils based on different SEL values. Please find out more from our Visual Arts Modules.

Little Red Riding Hood

The Ugly Duckling

The Tortoise and The Hare

Princess And Frog