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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)



Play@ParkView is Park View Primary's unique and exciting implementation of the Programme for Active Learning, or PAL. PAL is an initiative by the Ministry of Education to realise a more balanced curriculum and facilitate the well-rounded development of students. PAL provides children with opportunities for exposure to a broad range of activities so that they can discover their aptitudes and interests.

Play@ParkView is a non-academic programme built into the curriculum for all Primary 1 and 2 students. Students will get to participate in the three domains: Visual Arts, Sports & Creative Movements and Outdoor Education. Play @ Park View is designed in the form of fun modular learning activities where students will develop confidence and creativity, and be encouraged to explore and extend lessons learnt to their daily lives.

The ‘Experience-Express-Reflect' Lesson Model

In order to provide a holistic PAL visual art education, the lessons are crafted based on the three pillars.

They are:

  • Experience
  • Express
  • Reflect

Students will experience ‘hands-on’ activities through discovery and active participation using the ‘EER’ learning model. With the ‘hands-on’ experiences, students are given opportunities and avenues to express their thoughts and creative ideas. Students are encouraged to believe in their own ideas, to be confident and to be imaginative through looking at things from different perspectives. Most importantly, time is set aside for students to share about their learning experiences. As they do so, they will discover more about themselves. They will also learn to better interact with their peers and develop their social and emotional skills.