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School Advisory Committee (SAC)


The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is a key partner in education of Park View Primary, in particular, it  plays an active role in promoting excellence in the school. Members in the SAC come from diverse backgrounds with a common goal of promoting and supporting the school to provide quality education. The SAC assists in procuring and making available resources that the school requires and such assistance come in various forms, for example, financial contributions, expertise and networks that link the school to the community.

The SAC works closely with the school leaders and staff in numerous projects and events including projects to raise fund to promote school development and programmes to enhance the learning experiences of our pupil and for charity. Not only are the SAC members strong supporters of school events and programmes, they also participate in and work with the school to engage the Pasir Ris Community through events such as the Walkaton and Mid-Autumn Celebrations.


SAC Template - 1 - Chairman - Mr Lim Bock Huat, PBM v1 WITH NAME.JPG



SAC Template - 2 - Vice-Chairman - Mr Tan Hong Lee, Francis v1 WITH NAME.JPG


SAC Template - 3 - Treasurer - Mr Jayaprakash Jagateesan v1 WITH NAME.JPG


SAC Template - 4 - Member - Dr Theresa Yap v1 WITH NAME.JPG

SAC Template - 5 - Member - Mr Ng Meng Huat, Marcus v1 WITH NAME.JPG

SAC Template - 6 - Member - Mr Sim Koon Lam v1 WITH NAME (for WEBSITE).JPG

SAC Template - 7 - Member - Mdm Daphne Cheah v1 WITH NAME.JPG